It is always a pleasure to entertain these families...let me add your family to this VIP list!

SC & NC Area Families - the Arnold Family-Columbia, the Lerners-Charlotte, the Bowens-Columbia, the Lyons Family-Spartanburg, the Speizmans-Charlotte, the Bernsteins-Columbia, the Price Family-Charlotte, the Sadocks-Winston-Salem, the Feldmans-Columbia, the Lisnik Family-Charlotte, the Kerners-Columbia, the Kaplan Family-Columbia, the Pleplers-Charlotte, the Beiser Family-Charlotte, the Oppenheimers-Hilton Head Island, the Ginsbergs-Columbia, the Bolshakov Family-Columbia, the Levinsons-Charlotte, the Steinbergs-Spartanburg, the Teichman Family-Charleston, the Perlmutters-Charlotte, the Zellin Family-Charlotte, The Blackmons-Columbia, the Helmans-Columbia, the Fischers-Aiken, the Milden Family-Charlotte, the Rodgers-Columbia, the Brands-Charlotte, the Wasserman Family-Columbia, the Lapins-Columbia, the Kents-Charlotte, the Greenhouse Family-Columbia, the Barr Family-Charlotte, the Menakers-Charlotte, the Guy Family-Aiken, the Klines-Columbia, the Chartock/Humphries-Columbia, the Cohn Family-Charlotte, the Cason Family-Columbia, the Sterns-Charlotte, the Mohns-Columbia, the Kramer Family-Charlotte, the Jolles-Columbia, the Kors-Charlotte, the Phillips Family-Charlotte, the Speers-Columbia, the Rose Family-Charlotte, the Lasners-Charlotte, the Tedeschi Family-Columbia, the Feinstein Family-Charlotte, the Cohen Family-Columbia, the Stankiewicz-Stark Family-Columbia.

"Everyone loved the entertainment. Thanks to you, and your terrific dancers. You are great to work with and I look forward to doing so again in the near future"

Deana Ades

"Needless to say, the crowd went wild! Everyone could not have had a better time. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your abilities - those kids danced until the music was turned off...You guys definitely made the evening"

Walton Selig


Bar and Bat Mitzvahs



For the best Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJ Entertainment... Contact us to book your event today!

Tony Signorino

​​​​  Interactive DJ entertainment for the outgoing family!

Since leaving the Boston area and relocating back home to South Carolina Tony Signorino has enjoyed serving many families with their Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJ entertainment. He takes pride in having the understanding that each client may have different wants and needs and he will do as much or as little as needed to make you happy. 

With a strong personality, professional sound, lighting, and video equipment... and a network of interactive dancers & party motivators, Tony has what it takes to make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party a huge success! He and his crew have the experience necessary to assist you with all of the events formalities such as the Candle Lighting, Ha Motzi, Kiddish, the Hora and more. You and your family will have an unforgettable time being entertained by Tony and his staff of professionals who will play the most current music and hottest videos, show you the newest dance moves, lead party games, and provide you and your guests with lots of family funnnnnnnn!

See why so many families have put there trust in a tried and true Mitzvah your event today!


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